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Social Strings, LLC is a  digital consulting agency that creates and implements social media, email and content marketing strategies that help you build a better business.

Although we were officially founded in 2016, we have been helping people build their brands through social media for over 5 years. Our knowledge comes directly from personal experience with increasing online awareness, promoting businesses and increasing sales for companies/entrepreneurs.

The first question everyone asks is, "What does a social media manager do?" 
The answer: "A social media manager is the individual hired by a business or organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a branch, product, individual or corporation."


To sum it up, a social media manager runs your business pages across social media platforms. Our job is to create content to spread the word about your business in an effective and profitable manner. Every business is different, and we will work directly with you to determine what strategy would be best for your brand.

Although promoting your business is a piece of what we do here at Social Strings, LLC, we do not focus solely on marketing and advertising. Simply put: we are not a promotion company. Again, our focus is to develop your web presence and increase revenue for your company.



Our Services




  • One on One Coaching

  • Daily Post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Social Media Interactions  

  • Weekly Updates

  • Full Support

  • Post Creations and Executions

  • Customized Options

Complete social media management allows you to focus on your business, while I execute a successful social media campaign. Social media management becomes an integrated part of your marketing efforts. Consider this as a specialized portion of your team, working for you and with you



This is a 90 minute  one-on-one consult that is tailored to helping you make the most of your social media outlets. Together we will create a social media strategy that will help your business be seen and heard. Any questions are welcomed. Here are just a few of things we will cover-

  • Create clear social media goals
  • How to define your target audience
  • Keeping a consistent brand
  • Which platforms are right for you
  • How and why you should utilize hashtags
  • Creating and executing posts with ease
  • Scheduling and automation systems to free up time for you
  • Time management and schedule blocking to ensure that you are fully engaged with your audience

Together, we will develop a profitable social media strategy. This consult will be so full of information and I will even email you a summary. In addition, I offer full email support with any follow up questions you might have regarding social media. 



  • One on One Consult
  • Daily posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Updates


Partial social media management allows you to develop and curate your own voice in the virtual world. You create your own content and I execute it for you. This frees up the worry and stress of posting to and interacting with your social media accounts daily. 





  • Facebook Group Posting
  • Content Creation
  • Branding Consulting






The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army “
— unknown





  • Facebook marketing strategy (according to goals scoped out in kick-off session)
  • Content calendar
  • Daily/Weekly posts, preparation and publication (quantity will depend on brand needs, current events and results)
  • Creation of content for Facebook posts
  • Effective engagement with page visitors
  • Previous post analysis using Facebook Page Insights

Facebook Page Ads: (Facebook charges separate fees for advertising which are not included in recurring fee)

  • Facebook Ads strategy, preparation and implementation
  • Ad preparation (copy and graphics)
  • Performance Analysis: Previous ad analysis and subsequent testing based on results


  •  Instagram marketing strategy (use of hashtags as well as other promotional tools) 
  •  Content calendar
  •  Frequent posts, preparation and implementation (at least 3x/day, quantity will depend on brand needs, current events and results).
  •  Effective engagement with Instagram users


  •  Twitter marketing strategy
  •  Content calendar
  •  Daily/Weekly posts, preparation and publication (quantity will depend on brand needs, current events and results)
  •  Effective engagement with Twitter users
  •  Daily/Weekly posts, preparation and publication (quantity will depend on brand needs, current events and results)
  •  Effective engagement with Twitter users
  •  Active use of Twitter search with predefined keywords. with predefined keywords. (Will discover people looking for help via specific hashtags catered to your business)
  •  Performance Analysis: Previous tweet analysis with Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics.  




We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.
— Erik Qualman


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Have questions about how Social Strings can help your small business?  Leave your information below and we'll contact your shortly to set up a consultation.  

Please be advised that all new clients MUST schedule a consultation first to go over business goals as well as pricing. There is no specific flat rate as each business is unique and requires specific services.